Kaosis have signed a physical distro deal with Zombie Shark Records

“Zombie Shark Records is a great ally in breaking KAOSIS into the States, it’s killer working with a label that gets our warped, creative vision.” – MONSHI (Keys/ Turntables)

After clawing their way through the nuclear fallout created by dropping their first single “HITECH – LOWLIFE” featuring DINO CAZARES, KAOSIS have recalibrated their sonic weaponry and unleashed their follow up single, “ZOMBIE”. KAOSIS polarised global metal audiences with HITECH- LOWLIFE and will push metallers even further out of their comfort zone with their unrelenting second single. ZOMBIE is a mongrelised concoction of horrorcore, industrial and metalstep and for a second time KAOSIS have redefined the boundaries of the future of contemporary metal. When asked about the difficulty in defining KAOSIS’ sound, guitarist VIVIVI had to say this, “Genres don’t matter when you’re smashing the rail with us live. KAOSIS is all about the pit.”

The accompanying music video for ZOMBIE is in stark contrast to the band’s previous video for HITECH- LOWLIFE. Where HITECH- LOWLIFE was inspired by 80s cyberpunk, ZOMBIE is influenced by 90’s pulp film culture and grindhouse productions reminiscent of NATURAL BORN KILLERS and PLANET TERROR.

The music video for “ZOMBIE” premiered at Heavy Mag can be viewed here: https://heavymag.com.au/premiere-kaosis-zombie/

On the content and vibe of the new song, VIVIVI states, “ZOMBIE is a celebration of the underground undead; a classic story of a distressed and disturbed person transitioning into a brain consuming, bloodthirsty monster”.

“ZOMBIE is musically what I think the think becoming undead would feel like – horrifying, violent but also liberating; exactly what it is like to be on a KAOSIS barrier”. – VHIISIION (Lead Guitar)

KAOSIS are on tour through Australia with label mates LOGIC DEFIES LOGIC this June and July and will be appearing at the DEAD OF WINTER FESTIVAL. KAOSIS are touring Europe in SEPT/ OCT and will be hitting the US later in the year.

KAOSIS debut record will be released on the 20th of September on Atypeek Music, Rail Records and ZOMBIE SHARK RECORDS. ZOMBIE (single) is available now on all major streaming and download platforms.